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3 Ayurvedic Tips For The Spring Season

1.) Up your Bitter Greens

It is that season where we get super congested, sinus infections are on the rise, allergies, sneezing, sinus pressure headaches, etc. We are moving into Kapha season where water and earth elements are in excess, causing these issues in our body to increase. Load up on your bitter, astringent, pungent greens like arugula, kale, mustard greens, collard greens, dandelion, broccoli rabe, and so forth. These are all alkaline foods that maintain and support the liver and the gallbladder, at the same time lower your intake on meats, heavy foods, and especially dairy products! The excess of winter is all about the sugary, heavy, creamy, comfort foods while spring is really about cleansing the system. Drinking a lot of Dandelion Tea this season will be key!

2.) Alma Powder or Gooseberry

Load up on your Vitamin C! When the seasons change, the temperatures fluctuate between hot and cold, this weakens our digestive fire (Agni) and thus weakening our immune system. Consider taking AMLA (aka Gooseberry) for the season. Amla is a potent nourishing herb with overall rejuvenating properties. It is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants. Amla is great for the metabolism, toning the digestive system, also rejuvenating the skin and hair, making it healthier!

3. Lymphatic System Draining

The lymphatic systems main job is to cleanse toxins and protect the body from harmful invaders. Lymph nodes are associated with Kapha (water and earth) and while Spring being the season where Kapha tends to be the highest, its important to take a little extra care of our lovely lymphatic system especially if you are a person who tends to be sluggish or slow. It doesn't take much to drain this system but doing this regularly you will see a huge difference. Here are some ways to drain the lymphatic system...

Dry brushing- simply using a dry brush with course bristles, brushing the skin towards the heart. This not only drains the lymphatic system but stimulates the sweat glands, increases circulation, and even reduces cellulite.

Legs up the wall- is amazing for lymphatic drainage (as well as an inversions like handstand, headstand, shoulder stand) and reverses the effects of gravity. Inversions help drain the lymphs towards the heart, increasing the rate at which it's cleaned and clears out the sinuses allowing you to breath better during the Spring Season.

Stay healthy and remember, YOU are your best Pharmacy!

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