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Live & On-Demand Meditations $14/week

Meet Your Instructors: Click Their Pics!

Welcome to OhmNow!

OhmNow is a membership-based platform offering live & on demand meditations. For $14/week you can attend up to 5 live online meditations weekly and get access to our catalogued 'best-of' meditations. Our meditations are accessible, nurturing and guided. So, whether you are new or have been practicing for years, everyone can benefit.

Our Live Meditation Schedule

Every Weekday 8:30-8:50AM with Lucas Hall

Price: $14/week (auto renews) First Week FREE! Cancel anytime. 

I'm ready, where do I sign up?

1. Purchase the OhmNow on Mindbodyonline.

 (this is where you will register for the live classes. A link will be sent out Monday AM to all members to that weeks meditation classes

2. Create your on-demand account at here.

(Await approval from us, and login in at top of page)

OhmNow Q&A

What is OhmNow Meditations?

OhmNow is a membership-based platform offering live & on demand meditations. For $14 week you can attend up to 5 live online meditations weekly and get full access to our archived 'best-of' meditations. That's just $2.80 per session - not to mention our archives that will be available 24/7!


Will this help my yoga practice?

Yoga and meditation work quite well together. Each benefits the other. The clarity you get from meditation enhances your ability to stay present in yoga.


Can I try it out first?

Yes, the first week is on us. Give OhmNow a whirl and see how you like it. You need to sign up ;) - but remember, you can cancel anytime.  


How do I purchase the OhmNow Meditations membership and access the live and on-demand content? 

There are two things to do: 

1. Purchase the OhmNow membership on Mindbodyonline (this is where you will register for the live classes, just like your yoga classes)

2. Create your On-demand account at nylovesyoga (this is where you access the OhmNow demand content)


Once you are squared away, you will have access to OhmNow meditations on our website Click on MEDITATE WITH US in the menu, then click to log in, sign in, and VOILA! 


Can I do the on demand part without subscribing to the live meditations? 

It’s all one membership! No splitzies, ;) If you want just on demand - there are lots of platforms with pre recorded meditations, that’s not us. We are giving you access to our live meditations and on demand in one bundle. The $14/week enables you to attend up to 5 live online meditations weekly AND the on demand content. 


What’s the difference between a live meditation or a recording?

Sometimes showing up with someone or a group keeps you dedicated to trying again, knowing you are not alone in search for peacefulness. We are at our essence a community. It’s nice to show up with and for your fellow students.


What style/tradition of meditation do you teach?

Our teachers come from varied linages and schools, and our meditations reflect that. We don't take a one-size-fits-all approach to anything we do at NY Loves Yoga. One element that does thread through clearly: and that every meditation is guided and carefully planned to include everyone! Read our bio’s on our website here.


What can I expect to experience in the meditations?

Every teacher uses myriad of tools; breath awareness, guided visualization, body scan, mantra (silent and spoken), music and energy work. 


How long are the live and on demand meditations? 

Each live and on demand meditation is approximately 20 mins. We have some shorter and longer options available.


I’m not Buddhist or Hindi, can I benefit from these meditations?

Yes everyone can benefit from meditation; your religious and personal beliefs are yours. Meditation is about quieting the mind and learning how to be present. We use many meditations and techniques from Hindu and Buddhist traditions – because they are time tested, but ANYONE can benefit from them. An open mind is always welcome!


What’s the cancelation policy? 

Cancel anytime! Simply go onto your mindbody account and cancel your membership. No questions asked.

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