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Private Wellness Sessions

Private Sessions with a patio view!

Let's face it, there is a lot learn in yoga, and not everything can be taught in full detail in group classes. Whether your new to yoga and your goal is to eventually join the group classes at NY Loves Yoga, or you're an experienced yogi and would like to go deeper into various other aspects of the practice, then private yoga sessions might be the best option for you.

Come with your questions about the physical postures, breathing techniques, philosophy, pre/post natal or injury recovery/prevention and let us a guide you into a safe, uplifting and rewarding yoga experience. No experience necessary.

Classes are held in our beautiful studio. We have everything you'll need, all you need to do is wear comfortable yoga clothing, perhaps a towel, and a curious mind, and we will take care of the rest ;)

*** We have the necessary practices to ensure your health and happiness. Feel free to bring your own mats, blocks or blanket/towel.


  • 3 Intro Sessions: $375 in studio 

  • 1hr Single Session: $140 (in-home + $30)

  • 5-Pack: $600 (in-home $750)



Private Wellness Teachers

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