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Reiki is a Japanese word that represents the universal (“Rei”) lifeforce (“Ki”) that is within all living things. Delivered through a gentle healing touch or proximal placement of hands, everyone can benefit from this non-harming, balancing energy practice.


Level One Training

The intimate workshop, will be centered around 4 attunements, each of which awakens the practioner’s natural ability to access and share reiki. Each attunement will be preceded by guided contemplation and followed by journaling and practice.


Who can benefit from Reiki? It’s simple: anyone who wants to relax and/or heal! Whether you’re a caregiver or in need of care, Reiki can support you. For example:


  • Teenagers studying for exams

  • Someone who is dealing with a chronic disease or acute injury

  • Patients preparing for or recovering from medical procedures

  • Weekend warriors looking to maximize their performance

  • Pregnant/post-natal women

  • Even pets!


Reiki is an experience rather than an intellectual endeavor. While there are many books and websites focused on Reiki, the best way to understand it is to experience it. To this end, if you would like to prepare for this weekend or better understand how Reiki can support you, we suggest several options:


  1. Reach out to one of the instructors in-person or over the phone

  2. Book a private Reiki session with a current practioner (does not need to be with Gina or Kim)

  3. Join an Urban Zen class, which integrates Reiki, on Sunday nights at 6:30pm at NY Loves Yoga

  4. Or, simply show up for the workshop with an open mind


Level Two Training

 All Level I attuned practitioners, from any Usui Reiki lineage, are welcome and encouraged to join this experiential and contemplative training.


In addition to deepening your relationship with Reiki energy, during the training you will learn the sacred symbols and mantras that can amplify the flow of Reiki and enable the sending of Reiki across distance and time.


The training will include exercises to embody the symbols and supportive tips for using them when working with others. The day will include plenty of time for discussion and practice.

Reiki Trainings

If you are interested in Reiki training, send us a note

Meet Your Trainers

  • Kim Alexandrescu:  Kim is a Reiki Master, chakra yoga teacher, Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, and intuitive reader.  She works privately with clients through her business, Healing Guidance. 

  • Gina Cunningham Gina is a Reiki Master, yoga teacher and an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist. Join her at NY Loves Yoga Fridays at 5:45pm and 7pm and Sundays at 2:00pm and 6:30pm.

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