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INFO SESSION: March 3rd, 5:30-6:00PM (ZOOM LINK HERE)

Do you feel a little rusty in your skills after a hiatus from teaching? Are unsure how to teach in-person now that you’ve completed an online yoga teacher training program?

Join Ellen and Gina to UPLEVEL your yoga teaching skills and deepen your understanding of yoga asanas, pranayama, and applied anatomy/physiology. Learn what it means to “see” your students and how to effectively sequence from a place of intention and accessibility. Refine your teaching language and learn how to offer hands-on assists and adjustments.

This training is ideal for recent graduates of 200-hour online teacher training programs as well as teachers who want to refresh and refine their in-person teaching skills. 

This training will cover:
•    Sequencing frameworks (how to think about and approach sequencing creatively and effectively)
•    How yoga philosophy can support you as a teacher and practitioner
•    Applied anatomy and physiology
•    How and why to deepen your personal practice 
•    Hands-on assists/adjustments
•    How to “see” your students/clients
•    Language skills that inspire, enhance, and support your teaching 
•    Creative use of props to create accessibility and asana modifications
•    Simple, accessible pranayama techniques
•    Practicum: many opportunities will be provided in this course to teach fellow participants to refine and enhance your skills as an effective teacher

This program is designed to be experiential therefore all Saturday sessions will be in-person. Participants who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion, which can count towards 25 contact hour continuing education credits for Yoga Alliance. 


Workshop Dates:


4 Saturdays In-Person:

            March 19, 2022, 3:45-8:00pm

            April 24, 2022, 3:45-8:00pm

            May 21, 2022, 3:45-8:00pm

            June 18, 2022, 3:45-8:00pm

4 Tuesdays Live via Zoom:

            March 29, 6-8pm

            April 12, 6-8pm

            May 3, 6-8pm

            June 7, 6-8pm







Gina Cunningham is an experienced yoga teacher (eRYT 500, YACEP), a yoga therapist (c-UZIT), and Reiki Master. A lead teacher of NY Loves Yoga’s teacher training program, you can practice with her Wednesdays at 5:45pm and Sundays at 2:00pm and 6:30pm.


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Ellen Kaplow is a 500 e-RYT, YACEP provider based in Westfield NJ. Ellen is a well-respected yoga teacher/trainer for over 20 years. Owner of Satsang Yoga Studio from 2002-2019, she remains head of continuing education and teacher training since 2010

Q & A

Do I need to attend every session real-time?
• To receive the certificate of completion, yes. More importantly, to get the benefits of the training, we strongly attendance and active participation in all aspects of the training.

Will I receive a certificate of completion? Will the program count toward Yoga Alliance continuing education requirements?
• Yes. All participants to attend all sessions will receive a certificate of completion. The program qualifies as 25 contact hours with Yoga Alliance.

Will any of the zoom sessions be recorded?
• Yes. If you would like to receive a recording for a missed zoom session, please let the instructors know in advance. Please know that the Zoom breakout group sessions will not be recorded. To receive the full benefits of the program, we encourage participants to make every effort to attend all zoom sessions live. Your participation and attendance benefits not only you but also the other attendees.
I cannot attend one of the Saturday sessions. Will there be an opportunity to make up this time?
• We are not currently offering any additional training time to make up for a missed session.

Will any homework or will the training require any additional time or commitment beyond the 25 hours?
• No. During the training we will reference optional readings and resources, but there are no additional requirement commitments.


Do I need to buy any required books or software apps as part of this training?
• No


Who can attend?
• Anyone who has completed a 200-hour teacher training program


I have a 300-hour advance teaching training certificate, is this training appropriate for me?
• Yes. The 200-hour training requirement is a minimum. Anyone with training beyond 200 hours is welcome and encouraged to join this training.


I graduated from a teacher training several years ago and haven’t taught since, is this training for me?
• Absolutely! This program is designed to support teachers who are interested in deepening their relationship to the teachings.


Does the program require any pre-work or preparatory readings?
• We encourage all participants to review some notes, homework and reading materials from their prior trainings before the start of this training as a way of reconnecting to their yogic teachings. Also, we love questions and discussions, so please come prepared with relevant questions about the teaching topics.


What topics will be covered?
• Sequencing frameworks (how to think about and approach sequencing)
• How yoga philosophy can support you as a teacher and practitioner
• Applied anatomy and physiology
• How and why to deepen your personal practice
• Hands-on assists/adjustments
• How to “see” your students/clients
• Refining your teaching language
• Creative use of props to create accessibility and asana modifications
• Practicum: we will provide opportunities for practice teaching time during the 25 hours


I don’t want to teach yoga, is this training for me?
• Yes. We will spend time talking about the importance of a home/personal practice: how to deepen it and why it is important. This course might also re-ignite your interest in yoga as a student. Even if you choose not to teach, you will benefit from this training.


I don’t want to do or to receive hands-on assists/adjustments, is this training for me?
• Yes. We will teach hands-on assists/adjustments from the perspective of intention and deepening an experience within a pose. You will benefit from observing and listening to the lectures and discussions on the topic. If you choose to not touch/be touched, you will still be encouraged to actively participate with your voice and your inquiry into the topic.


What is the teaching syllabus?
• Saturdays - in-person sessions will include
o Sequencing lectures, Q&A, breakout groups and group teaching, feedback
o Discussions about languaging - how to be clear and concise with your words o Hands on assists/adjustments
o Asana modifications and creative use of props
o “Seeing” others
o A short break mid-session

• Tuesdays - live Zoom sessions will include
o Applied anatomy and physiology
o Philosophy
o Break-out groups, presentations, and feedback

I’m nervous about teaching in front of others, do I have to get up and teach every session?
• No one is required to actively participate in any aspect of the training. As part of the training, we will lecture about yogic philosophy and how it can relate to and support feelings of uncertainty, fear and “doing the things that scare us”. We will also discuss what it means to hold space, to respect the needs of others and the importance of cultivating spacious containers for all practitioners of yoga.
• We will gently encourage all participates to contribute to the sangha (this UPLEVEL training program community) by offering and sharing their relationship to yoga by teaching the other participants. We will also respect your needs as an individual participant.

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