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Private Wellness Sessions


Personal Training 




Private Yoga Sessions 

Lets face it, there is a lot learn in yoga, and not everything can be taught in full detail in a group environment. Whether your new to yoga and your goal is to eventually join the group classes at NY Loves Yoga, or you're an experienced yogi and would like to go deeper into various other aspects of the practice, then private yoga sessions might be the best option for you.

Come with your questions about the physical postures, breathing techniques, philosophy, pre/post natal or injury recovery/prevention and let us a guide you into a safe, uplifting and rewarding yoga experience. No experience necessary.

Classes are held in our beautiful studio overlooking our back garden patio. We have everything you'll need, all you need to do is wear comfortable yoga clothing, perhaps a towel, and a curious mind, and we will take care of the rest ;)

Personal Training

Personal Training incorporates corrective exercises, flexibility, core, strength and cardio exercises to bring you towards your physical goals; weight loss, heart health, strength training etc.


In a comfortable and peaceful environment, we will first work to correct any muscle imbalance caused by habitual movement patterns, then develop a training program to suit your physical needs.


Working one-on-one, we will use various techniques and equipment, i.e., resistance bands, weights, exercise ball, and your own body weight to systematically strengthen and open your body.

Sound Healing 

Private sound healing treatments are tailored to each persons needs based on the ancient Singing Bowl healing protocols of the Atma Buti (Soul Medicine) Tradition. It is an ancient practice originating back to the 8th century A.D


Bowls are gently placed on and around the body and struck or rubbed to sing and vibrate. Each bowl correlates to the Chakras (energetic centers in the body relating to the endocrine system) - the effect is a restorative full-body sound massage!

Benefits of a singing bowl treatment include:

• Stress and anxiety relief

• Deep relaxation 
• Deeper, fuller breathing
• Improved circulation

For questions: email 


Somatics is a safe, gentle and effective form of neuromuscular exercises to relieve pain in lower back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and walking. 

This is not a yoga class. The class is a series of exercises, done slowly, generally on the floor that emphasizes internal physical perception and experience.
This method of pain relief and sensory motor training targets the condition of Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA), coined by Dr. Hanna, creator of Thomas Hanna Somatics.
SMA is the condition of chronically tight muscles that have learned to stay contracted due to repeated and reflexive response to stress such as accidents, injuries, surgeries, repetitive tasks, and on-going stress.
No experience necessary, but need to be able to get up and down off the floor.

Private Wellness Pricing

Private Wellness Intro Pack $299.00 (3 X 1hr Sessions)

One Hour Session: $125.00 


Five Pack: $550.00 

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