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March 29, 2016

In Ayurveda, the quality of your Agni (the digestive fire, AKA your metabolism) is responsible for a good digestive system and good health overall. If you are gasy, bloated, or not digesting your food properly on a daily bases, this is an indication of low or weaken Ag...

December 9, 2014

By Sarah Lampel


“It’s not a race”, is what Amanda, my teacher of two years said during a recent workshop. I’m not sure why the phrase stuck with me. I’ve heard it enough times before, yet I have almost always laughed it off. “That’s what you think”, has been my typical...

November 17, 2014

By Mayra Rodriguez 


Through my years in college as my mind has been embracing so much new knowledge, I’ve found a new passion for holistic medicine. I’ve realized through personal experience and research that although conventional medicine is extremely important and ne...

August 23, 2014




Hello fellow yogis!! Following up Mayra's recent blog, here are  3 poses to help detox and restore your body.



1. Cleansing Inversion

Benefits: Inverted poses, such as Salamba Sirsasana (headstand), Shoulder Stand, or a simple “Legs up the wall” pose helps to drain a...

August 23, 2014

In my last post I explained antioxidants and wether or not it was worth following the hype the media has built on antioxidants. As my final verdict, I suggested that antioxidants be absorbed only when found in natural context. It is best to avoid antioxidant supplement...

August 5, 2014

By Mayra Rodriguez



With all the headlines and media coverage surrounding Antioxidants and super foods lately, it’s hard to ignore this health buzz. Most of us probably understand that antioxidants are good for us but wonder what exactly they are.


No worries…I’ll provi...

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